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Bread making the news in Neve Yaakov

In these uncertain times, the security you provide by giving bread to hungry children means more than ever before.

There are so many families that are now out of work, and can't provide for their kids the way they used to.

There aren't government food programs here like WIC, SNAP or others that might be familiar to Americans.

Bread for Israel is filling the gap and making sure that no child in Israel should ever go to sleep hungry.

Just this week a passerby noticed one of our distributions in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem. He got out of his car and snapped a picture, and then proceeded to share it with YNet, a news outlet here in Israel.

(Notice the white sticker on the loaves from Bread For Israel- the sticker says Mivtzah Shlach Lachemecha, the Hebrew name for the organization.)

He wrote on Instagram that he was driving by early in the morning in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood when he saw a truck stop to unload a huge pallet of bread.

A mother and daughter were supervising the worker and then they hung up a sign saying "bread distribution."

A stream of people then began to come and take the free bread.

He described his emotions, stating that seeing this left him with such a warm feeling, and curious to understand what this was all about, he went to the woman and asked her to tell him more about the distribution.

She explained that every other week they distribute bread to hundreds of need families.

He concluded the post by expressing his hopes that there should be many more people like this that do wonderful acts of kindness without fanfare.

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