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Bread During Covid-19

At a time when the country is on lock-down,

food and medical supplies are of the few essentials that people can go out to obtain.

With whole families home, lack of food is even more noticeable than usual

and the appreciation for the distribution is greater than ever before.

One email we got this month shared how a woman told her husband that they had run out of bread, as all the kids are off and everyone has been eating more food.

The man went to pray and asked G-d to please give them the money to buy bread. Then he went out on the street looking to borrow money from a neighbor, as he himself did not have enough funds to purchase bread.

But nobody had cash to lend him.

He finally gave up and went home.

To his surprise his wife and kids had a stash of bread on the counter.

His wife explained that their son was outside when he saw a bread distribution.

He called his mother over and she told the volunteer that she is new in town and would like to know how she can sign up to partake in future distributions that are made by the community charity fund.

The volunteer told them that this is bread that's available for anyone who wants, no sign up required.

So that is how they came to have bread to eat that day.

May these acts of kindness, of giving bread to those that need, be the merit to end the suffering and bring about a total healing to all who are sick and a complete end to this coronavirus.

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