Working together to provide for hungry children in Israel every day.

Bread for Israel distributes loaves of bread to the children in Israel who need it the most. Together, we give these hungry children hope.

Bread today for a brighter tomorrow.

In the country known as "the Land flowing with milk and honey," it's hard to believe that anyone goes hungry. Yet every day, millions of children and adults throughout Israel are facing hunger or food insecurity. We work to provide basic bread to people in need, to ensure that no child in Israel goes to sleep hungry. Our goal is to build a hopeful, food-secure future.

The bread team


A founder's committee covers all operating costs, and our dedicated partners at Angels' and Bermans' Bakeries produce bread for a below-market cost of $1 per loaf.


Every single dollar donated by our generous donors produces a loaf of bread that is given to a hungry child in Israel. For many children, that is all they have to eat.


Hundreds of volunteers and community leaders work together to distribute thousands of fresh loaves of bread to hungry children throughout Israel.


Bread for Israel is a nonprofit organization

1979 Marcus Ave, Suite C115 Lake Success, NY 11042

Phone: 718.260.6310 or 058.320.4780

TAX ID: 81-5285044

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