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10 Million Loaves Milestone

Ever since 2013 when we began operations here at Bread For Israel, demand for bread has been on the upswing.

Every request is given serious research and consideration.

We get asked for more loaves at current distribution points.

We also get requests to open new location.

We do whatever we can to approve all requests for bread.

We saw that bread once a month was not enough, so we started giving out bread biweekly, and in some places, even on a weekly basis.

From a few thousand loaves per month we reached 50,000, then 100,000 and currently we give out over 250,000 loaves of bread per month.

That leaves us today at the major milestone of 10 Million loaves of bread, achieved mid-March 2021.

As long as the need exists, as long as there are hungry children and poverty-stricken families, Bread For Israel aims to be there for them.

Join us as we aim for 20 Million loaves, one tasty loaf of bread at a time.


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