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World Hunger is on the Rise after Decades of Decline

Why is World Hunger on the Rise?

World hunger, after a decade of steady decline, has begun to increase in frequency and severity around the globe. According to Business Insider, the problem is not one of diminishing resources or even one of having too many mouths to feed. Our planet produces more than enough food for all of its residents, but factors such as “global conflicts, climate change, and political crises” threaten many individuals’ and families’ access to nutritious food and clean water.

How Long has World Hunger Been on the Rise?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the upward trend of world hunger is recent. As of today, over 800 million individuals worldwide are suffering from hunger, an increase from 775 million just a few years ago. Many experts see a causal relationship between this increase and the increase in global conflicts since 2010, causing chaos and economic strife.

What Countries Suffer the Most from World Hunger?

Many of the world’s hungriest nations are in Africa and Asia, but it is not only war-torn countries that are dealing with hunger. Global conflicts disrupt and alter economies everywhere, and even in relatively prosperous nations such as Israel, 19% of families deal with food insecurity.

To find out more about what countries suffer the most hunger, check out our blog post on world hunger statistics.

How You Can Help Feed Children in Israel

As a Jewish charity feeding the hungry in Israel, these statistics affect us deeply. We understand the facts about hunger and poverty in Israel and know the devastation, both physical and emotional, that hunger causes for Israeli families.

In response to the problem of poverty and hunger in Israel, we work with volunteers and generous donors to deliver fresh, nutritious bread to families in need throughout the entirety of the country. To find out how you can get involved and help feed children in Israel, click here.


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