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Dry Bread

This past weekend I spoke to the volunteer for the distribution of Beit Yisrael in Jerusalem.

He was sending over their bread order late on Saturday night. The request was for bread on Monday, but it's very tight to get it over to the bakery and arranged properly in time. I asked him to please send it over the latest by Thursday.

The volunteer explained to me that he waits to send over the order because he wants to check the weather forecast as close as possible to the time of the distribution. In the winter months there is a high chance of rain and he wants to be prepared and make alternate plans accordingly, so he waits to place the order.

I really was impressed by that.

He wasn't delaying because he has other more important concerns.

Look what dedicated volunteers we have- he really cares about the bread distribution, that people should not have to get drenched when they come get the bread and that the bread should not get soaked when it comes.

Not only on the day of the distribution are the volunteers busy setting up and handing out the bread, but even in the very beginning of the week they are looking up weather forecasts and worrying and concerning themselves about the bread and all the people who will benefit from it.

Here's a thank you to Bread For Israel's dedicated volunteers who keep the organization running smoothly, providing fresh nourishing bread to hungry children here in Israel.

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