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Five Ted Talks That Will Change the Way You Think About World Hunger

The most important tool we have in the battle against world hunger and against hunger in Israel is knowledge. Here are five of our favorite and most illuminating TED talks on the subjects of world hunger, the global food chain, and new developments in agricultural science. Check these out to get inspired to do what you can to aid in the ending of world hunger once and for all.

1. We Need to Feed the Whole World

“Food is about respect.”

A truly inspiring and revealing speech about the importance of bread to cultures and people around the world. Fresco takes a simple loaf of white wonderbread as her start, and makes a passionate argument for environmentally sound mass production to help feed our growing world population.

2. Ending Hunger Now

“This isn’t one of those rare diseases that we don’t have the solution for. We know how to fix hunger.”

Josette Sheeran, head of the UN World Food Program, discusses world hunger, arguing that we already have the technology and knowledge to solve this problem, and outlining the ways we must come together as a world community and put them into practice.

3. Waste No Food: A teenager’s bold idea to end hunger

“When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, it’s all-consuming.”

16-year old Kiran Sridhar has taken action to end hunger in his community and wants you to do the same. Listen to this inspiring speech from the founder of “Waste No Food,” a shared-economy platform connecting restaurants and grocery stores in the Bay Area with shelters and soup kitchens in need of donations.

4. Obesity + Hunger = 1 Global Food Issue

“If that bag of chips then becomes inherently more expensive than an apple, then maybe it's time for a different sense of personal responsibility in food choice.”

Ellen Gustafson discusses two distinct problems in our global food system – hunger and obesity – arguing that both are two sides of the same coin. Watch Gustafson discuss her new initiative, The 30 Project, aimed at changing our global habits around eating and farming.

5. The Other Inconvenient Truth

“So without a doubt, agriculture is the single most powerful force unleashed on this planet since the end of the ice age. No question. And it rivals climate change in importance. And they're both happening at the same time.”

Watch Jonathan Foley discuss the startling reality of our food system’s effect on climate change and environmental destruction and how we can reshape agriculture to aid in the easing and reversing of these processes.

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